There are a lot of strange things out there.  So many, in fact, that most folks can't go a single week without interacting with the supernatural.  It might be something completely insignificant, or it might wrap up in an hour or so.  Many times it can go unnoticed, it can be hard to tell the natural from the unnatural sometimes.  A harmless encounter with a creature of the night is unlikely to stick out in the mind of your average man or woman.  But sometimes, things aren't that harmless.  All too often, someone runs into a bloodthirsty beast that sees them just as their evening meal, or even just a plaything that can be discarded. Believe it or not, there are some crazy people who seek out these encounters.  Hunters, Zealots, Cleansers, whatever they call themselves, that actively track down the supernatural in a never-ending battle against the forces of darkness.  For those people, ordeals can last entire seasons.  It's a hard life for the people who know the truth, but they're needed now more than ever.  It can be tough to open your eyes and accept that there's such danger out there, but in most cases, it's even tougher to close 'em again.

In Monster of the Week: The Wild and the Young (Working Title), the adventure belongs to everyday people who can't seem to escape the weird things in the world.  Every week it seems that some new creature or supernatural nonsense besets some corner of Americana, and the only thing standing between those people frought with congnative dissonance are an unlikely band of miscreants.


The Wild and the Young

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