Werewolves of New Orleans

Werewolves of New Orleans

Characters Involved:
-Billy Hemlock
-Jerome Sawyer

While the Hemlocks were in New Orleans for unknown reasons, Jerome Sawyer was dealing with a Werewolf problem.  Working alone, he almost met his end.  Billy Hemlock swooped in to save him from certain death and established a bond of trust between them.  Though the issue was mostly resolved, there is likely more to the story.

Billy rescued Jerome from the attack, but how did Jerome end up there in the first place?
(Investigating a weird situation, random chance, hired to attack werewolf, etc…)

Jerome was visiting his sick cousin in the hospital. Been complaining of sleep walking and weird cravings for a couple months now. 

What was Billy supossed to be doing?

Staying out of trouble while Kodi searched for a nest of werewolves. 

Was the Werewolf killed, or did it escape?

Jeromes cousin broke out of the hospital and tracked him and attacked. Billy clubbed it with his skateboard and then stabbed it with a silver blade. Believed it was KIA

Were there more than one in town or is it unknown? Unknown to PCs. Rumored tobe a nest but never found. 



Werewolves of New Orleans

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